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RULES (Obligatory Read) -ENGLISH-

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RULES (Obligatory Read) -ENGLISH-

Mensaje  Admin el Dom Sep 18, 2011 6:02 am


1) The forum is not responsible for the content of the views, comments and material posted by their users, so that it reflects the thinking of the issuer, but our forum undertook to enforce the rules set forth general and special, either expressed or implied here, as in the common forums of its kind.

2) The material available for download is not on our server, but rather links housed in public and easily found on the web, so the forum is not responsible for the legality or illegality of the contents of the links.

3) Is prohibited making any type of SPAM, advertising or reference to any website related to this, both forums, or similar pages of collective participation, either through hyperlinks, text files or any type within the folders , allusive images of passwords in the links, text hidden within the tags of albums or images within the text referring to each user profile. Penalties for violations of this rule can be expressed from reprimands and even the suspension of the user (bane), either temporarily or indefinitely for admission to the forum.

4) The topics of the DOWNLOADS ARE (Audio or Video) are subject to any modification, editing, and removal to the moderators deem fit, to hold the forum by any personal act or omission of any of the moderators.

5) Any irregularity in the topics or messages, whether visual or functional one, or which impedes the normal functioning of the disabled forum may be modified or even deleted without notice for any Moderator empowered, taking over the issuing of sanctions, reprimands or holds that the forum considers appropriate.

6) The forum is governed by:

1 - The written rules posted in the area RULES / RULES,
2 - The rules, posted in the various sub-sections of the forum,
3 - The general custom and usage of this forum, yet when they are not recorded in written form
4 - Good faith, manifest or apparent, both from users and moderators and administrators.


Avatars are small images that are added to the user's profile (they are small pictures that are on the left of the posts, the profile of each member).

The avatars must be loaded from an external URL to the forum. If you want to know how to upload an image, check


To add an image to your profile, check


* The size of the avatars can not exceed 150 x 150 pixels.

(The forum's default does not allow a larger size and if you post a bigger avatar it will be resized with a scroll and your avatar will not be shown it in its full size)


* to add any image in the avatar, if the picture is not offensive to others.

* that avatar be a .gif (animated image)

* to add the address, image, or any advertising to your blog or website in the avatar, without prejudice to paragraph prohibitions in SPAM, the general rules


The entries are the topics or threads, each consisting forum.

* You do not need any category, or number of posts to start a topic. Anyone, as long as it is registered can open a new topic.

It's not allowed:

* 1) the publication of topics or replies senseless, useless or out of place, or messages that undermine existing subjects, except in the sections that expressly permits.

* 2) Raise or revive old topics, with the obvious intent to confuse or annoy.

* 3) The posts written full with CAPS. We reserve the use of capital letters to highlight something in particular, but not entire messages, if this happen, administrator and / or moderators will delete the post or leave it depending on what the situation warrants.

* 4) Put title to items that fail to clearly glimpse the contents. In case this is not respected, the moderators may delete items without notice poorly qualified or modify the title, at its discretion. In cases of obvious intent to create issues with these features, Moderators can apply sanctions.



* If a user discovers an error in a post, you can report it to the moderators, in our report. Check it in



The signatures are the images or text that appears below each "comment" . It is a kind of self-identification of each member.

The signatures can not exceed the size of 750 x 350 pixels, with no maximum character.

It's allowed:

* to add any image to the signature, provided it is not offensive to others.

* to add .gif to signatures

* add the address, image, or any advertising to your blog or website.


Links stay available for a relative time; if they are not used (time varies depending on the server that is uploaded) they will expire and can no longer be accessed.

* The posts with outdated links will be sent to the cemetery. The topic sent to the cemetery will be the No. 1. When the topic arrives to 100th will be deleted of our Cemetery. We won't maintain the cemetery over 100 dead links.


The Nick is the username of the forum. Is the name by which you all know and which will be identified in our forum.

* Is it possible to change nick. The forum has a feature that allows you to change your nick.

* Nicks are not permitted to directly or indirectly are aggressive or offensive to other forum members.


* Assaulting another member, either directly or indirectly, in the words aggressive, offensive or in bad taste, meaning "attack" the intention of offending the other, or laugh at it with apparent malicious spirit.

* Double posts. Often this is done in order to accumulate many posts. The mechanism of the forum has a feature that adds the last post from a user if the last post he was also a User.

* Post a topic in a wrong forum. This item will not be deleted, but it will be moved to the proper forum and that those who published the item be warned if needed.

* Post a Topic misleading. Open a new item with the sole intention of deceiving those who visit the theme will be deleted immediately, with the admonition of the administrators. In case of recidivism will result in a ban who opened the topic misleading.


If a user understands that another user has offended or attacked, or feel attacked by the contents of an entry or a "response", it shall communicate to the Moderators or Administrators by private message, and they, considering the subject, invite the "aggressor" to modify your entry or response. If the "offender" refuses or fails to respond, the moderator or administrator will have the power to edit the entry or the response to and even erase, the issuer being responsible for the content of their words and sanctions by which they occur.


The title of an entry is the first thing we found within a forum.

Therefore, we recommend that the title is accurate summary of what is inside the entrance. What we must try is that the titles of our posts are clear, and that the more clear is the title of entry, the forum's search engine will then show more accurate results. If the titles of the entries are not clear the search engine will display many posts we are not interested, or not exactly what we want.

* The forum has a feature that is related topics, which is to show the topics that have similarities in their titles, and they serve users looking for something also visit our own posts, so, find out that the title of poles which is correct.

* If moderadore find a title that contains spelling errors make it impossible to locate the post by another user he can edit the title without the need to alert the user. But they can alert the user who edited the title by sending a private message.


The forum does not require mandatory participation to its users.

Ideally a user can stay in our forum post with 0 as long as you want.

The only thing is that the forum requires regular attendance, i.e. that the accounts do not remain inactive nor without neither access the forum for a period of more than 100 days.



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